Maple worksheets on vectors


Vectors, matrices and complex numbers:

The following Maple worksheets can be downloaded.

They are all compatible with Classic Worksheet Maple 10.

Multiplication of a vector by a scalar

Vectors and vector algebra - vectalg.mws

  • Scalars and vectors 
  • Addition of vectors
  • Subtraction of vectors
  • Multiplication of a vector by a scalar
  • Examples of geometrical proofs involving vector algebra

Vectors in two and three dimensions in terms of components - vect3D.mws

  • Vectors in the coordinate plane
  • The three dimensional coordinate system and three dimensional vectors 
  • The distance between two points and the equation of a sphere 

The dot product of two vectors - dotprod.mws

  • The dot product of two vectors 
  • Orthogonal vectors 
  • Scalar and vector projection   

The cross product of two vectors - crossprod.mws

  • The definition of the cross product of two vectors  
  • The orthogonality and anti-commutativity properties of the cross product  
  • Geometrical interpretation of the cross product 
  • Properties of the cross product following from the geometrical description 
  • Explanation of the distributive property of the cross product  
  • Deducing the geometrical description of the cross product from the description in terms of components 

Cross product

Lines and planes in 3 dimensions - planes.mws

  • The equation of a line in 3 dimensions 
  • The equation of a plane 
  • The angle between two planes 
  • Examples involving lines and planes 
    • A plane through three given points 
    • The angle between a line and a plane 
    • The distance from a point to a plane 
    • The line of intersection of two planes 
    • The distance between two skew lines 

Angle between two planes

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