Maple worksheets on the numerical solution of differential equations


Numerical methods topics:

The following Maple worksheets can be downloaded.

They are all compatible with Classic Worksheet Maple 10.

Order 2 Runge-Kutta method

Introduction - DEintro.mws

Euler's method - euler.mws

Taylor series method - taylorDE.mws

Runge-Kutta order 2 methods - rungk2.mws

General Runge-Kutta methods - rungk.mws

Runge-Kutta methods using adaptive step-size control - adaptRK.mws

Comparison of adaptive Runge-Kutta methods - adaptRK_comp.mws

More Runge-Kutta examples - RKexamp.mws

Runge-Kutta examples related to RL and RC circuits - RKexamp2.mws

The pet rock problem - rock.mws

Sensitivity of solutions for 1st order DE's to initial conditions - sensRK.mws

Checking the accuracy of a solution by "back-tracking" - backRK.mws

 Procedures for differential equations -

Initial value problem

Numerical solution for differential equation

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