Maple worksheets on the derivation of order 12 Runge-Kutta schemes


Derivation of 25 stage, order 12 Runge-Kutta schemes - RKcoeff12a.mws   RKcoeff12b.mws   RKcoeff12c.mws   RKcoeff12d.mws

Derivation of embedded order 9 schemes for order 12 Runge-Kutta methods - RKcoeff12a_(9).mws   RKcoeff12c_(9).mws   RKcoeff12d_(9).mws

Derivation of embedded order 10 and 11 schemes for an order 12 Runge-Kutta method - RKcoeff12a_(10,11).mws

Derivation of 25 stage, order 12 Runge-Kutta schemes - RKcoeff12e.mws   RKcoeff12f.mws   RKcoeff12g.mws   RKcoeff12h.mws

Derivation of an embedded order 9 scheme for an order 12 Runge-Kutta method - RKcoeff12h_(9).mws

Derivation of 31 stage, combined order 11 and 12 Runge-Kutta schemes - RKcoeff12k.mws    RKcoeff12m.mws    RKcoeff12n.mws


Procedures related to the construction of Runge-Kutta schemes -

Procedures for root-finding and determining minimum points  -

Procedures for numerical integration  -

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