Maple worksheets on Fourier series


Approximation of functions:

The following Maple worksheets can be downloaded.

They are all compatible with Classic Worksheet Maple 10.

Fourier series animation

Preliminaries: even and odd functions, adding sine and cosine graphs - FRprelim.mws

An introduction to Fourier series - FRintro.mws

 More period 2*Pi Fourier series examples - FRexamp.mws

Fourier series for general period 2*Pi functions - FRexamp2.mws

Fourier series for general periodic functions .. I - FRgen.mws

Fourier series for general periodic functions .. 2 - FRgen2.mws

A procedure for constructing Fourier series: FourierSeries - FRproc.mws

Fourier  sine and cosine series - FRsincos.mws

Half-range Fourier series - FRhalf.mws

Fourier series of some functions with infinite discontinuities - FRmore.mws

Fourier series and Chebyshev series - FRcheb.mws

Further symmetry properties related to Fourier series - FRsym.mws

DE's with a periodic forcing function and Fourier series - FRDE.mws

Fourier series for piecewise linear functions- FRpwlin.mws

The complex Fourier series - FRcomplex.mws

Procedures for Fourier series and Fourier transforms -

Fourier Series

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