Maple worksheets on Fourier transforms


Mathematical transforms:

The following Maple worksheets can be downloaded.

They are all compatible with Classic Worksheet Maple 10.

Delta function

Introduction to Fourier transforms - FRtrans.mws

Some properties of the Fourier transform - FRtrans2.mws

Differentiation formulas for the Fourier transform - FRTdiff.mws

Approximations for Fourier integrals - FRTint.mws

Fourier transforms of Hermite functions - FRTherm.mws

The Dirac delta function - delta.mws

Distributions - distrib.mws

Heaviside's step function - step.mws

The Fourier transform of the delta function and the step function - FRTdelta.mws

Convolution and the Fourier transform - convolution.mws

The derivative of the Dirac delta function - diff_delta.mws

The Fourier transform of periodic functions - FRTprdc.mws

The discrete fast Fourier transform - FFTintro.mws

A procedure for the discrete fast Fourier transform - FFTproc.mws

Procedures for Fourier series and Fourier transforms -

Fourier transform

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